Standing at the Edge by Meg Tipper

On November 2, 2008, Meg Tipper’s daughter, her youngest child, her only girl, died suddenly. Instead of watching Maggie Feiss launch into her life after her graduation from college that past June, Meg was mourning her death.

The Book

The land of grief is both strange and familiar. It is a place of heightened senses, of gaping emptiness, of deeper spiritual connections. This book chronicles Meg Tipper’s journey in that land for the 365 days following her daughter’s death.

Standing at the Edge, book cover

I took the photograph the summer before Maggie died, when we were visiting my friend Margaret Kirk on the coast of Cornwall, England. Maggie and I had set off on a very hot day for a coastal walk, but early in the walk, Maggie stopped under a tree, breathing hard, dripping with sweat, and said, "I need a break." We stood in the shade, drank some water, and rested. Maggie had been having seizures, she was taking heavy-duty medications, she was not at her best. I suggested we turn back, but before we did, I took my daughter’s picture as she looked out at the walk we might have taken on a different day, under different circumstances.